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BNAT refers to and stands for ‘BHAGWATI NATIONAL APTITUDE TEST’ aims at sieving and pureeing the potential strata from amongst the intermediate pass outs who are found capable of pursuing their technical and professional education in the field of Management and Engineering besides, undergoing a selection process and finally selected, the students are groomed, motivated, trained and maneuvered with enhancing their dexterity and skill to withstand the rigors of the technical education. BNAT has been designed, formulated and textured by “BHAGWATI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE”. It is conducted at select centers in the month of October - January every year not only in India but in the adjacent countries such as Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, etc. With particular emphasis on down trodden, depressed, neglected and hard to reach interiors such as UP, Bihar, Assam, J&K etc., as a preparation for next session and select the get-through students post their intermediate results. This process results, on one hand, into an introspection giving impetus to the students to improve and prepare themselves to make through the competition in the times to come to follow the suit with all vigor and enthusiasm and on the other hand select the potential candidates who would come out to be successful professionals distinct from the crowd thus raising the standard of education in this one of the most important field of engineering and management. All the participants are given certificates and the others cracking the ice get rewards and prizes along with certificates to commemorate their path of success; they are also eligible for many attractive scholarships while seeking admission at BITS.